Avoid Doing These 4 Things with Your Commercial Air Conditioning System
01 Aug

Avoid Doing These 4 Things with Your Commercial Air Conditioning System

Commercial air conditioning systems are essential for most businesses, helping to regulate air temperatures across massive properties. This is important for keeping employees and customers comfortable, while possibly being mandatory for health and safety, especially when based in warmer climates.

While it’s important to keep employees and customers nice and cool during the hotter periods of the year, an air conditioning unit is also an expensive investment that must be properly maintained.

To do this, you should know there are a few things you’ll want to avoid doing with your commercial air conditioning system, otherwise it may break down sooner than you want.

Avoid doing these 4 things with your AC system:

Leave the System On 24/7
Contrary to popular belief, leaving air conditioning on overnight does not help save operating costs, which is often thought to be the case due to the high energy consumption needed to get the system up and running.

Never leave your air conditioning running 24/7 unless you want to have massive energy bills and risk speeding up any maintenance issues. When an AC is being worked around the clock its components are deteriorating much quicker, so repairs will be much likelier, while I may also be potential fire hazard.

Forget to Maintain Filters
Commercial air conditioning systems work on a much larger scale so their filters tend to accumulate more dirt and dust much quicker than residential systems. You may be able to clean these filters yourself but if in doubt get a handyman to do the job, or simply call the AC company to schedule a cleaning from them.

The system is much more expensive and complex though, so it’s better to have an AC technician that knows the system and how to best clean it. Similarly, make sure you don’t forget to have the filter changed as necessary, otherwise the system becomes much less efficient.

Trying to Repair it Yourself
Always avoid handling the air conditioning system, even if there is a problem that you think you can fix. There could be damage to the electric, connections, or refrigerant lines, so it could be very dangerous to handle the system.

If you think there is an issue, monitor it for a day or two and then call the AC company, who can send out a technician that can safely handle the system and conduct necessary repairs.

Getting it Serviced
Never avoid getting commercial AC serviced, as it should always be checked by a professional to ensure everything is in working order. This will ensure any minor issues are spotted before they become more serious, while ensuring the system has optimal settings to run efficiently.

It may seem like an unnecessary expense but getting your AC serviced will help it last much longer and could save you a lot more by avoiding costly repairs.

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