17 Mar

7 Traits of an Awesome Commercial Air Conditioning Company

traits-of-an-awesome-commercial-air-conditioning-companyThe air conditioning company that you choose to install, repair, or maintain your commercial air conditioning system will make all the difference in the comfort level within your building as well as in your utility bills. You want to make sure that you choose a reliable commercial air conditioning company as they are the ones that produce the most optimum results. Following are 7 traits of an awesome commercial air conditioning company:

  1. Good Reputation

Ask other business owners who installed their commercial air conditioning system. Are they satisfied with the results? Word of mouth is a great way to get reliable and accurate information regarding the merit of a business. Any company can have a splashy and large ad on the side of their service vehicles or in the phone book, but good reputation is earned via quality service and word of mouth is the best indicator of a company’s reputation.

  1. Length of Time in Business

How long has the commercial air conditioning company been in business? An awesome commercial air conditioning company is the one that has been operating successfully for many years. Sometimes new companies can be great too, especially if the owners and workers of the company have had extensive experience elsewhere.

  1. Knowledgeable Techs

It is wise to ask the experience level and training of the technicians who will perform the maintenance or installation of your commercial air conditioning system. A good commercial air conditioning company will have knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced technicians.

  1. Estimates and Warranties

An established commercial air conditioning company backs up their work with a warranty. Find out what type of warranty the company offers for their installation/repair work. An accurate estimate of the cost of work that is needed to be performed is a key component of a job well done.

  1. Excellent Customer Service

The communication and customer service skills of the technicians and other company employees are key indicators of a successful and reliable commercial air conditioning company. Are they informative, polite, and able to explain the installation or repair procedures in laymen’s terms?

  1. Reliability

Reliability is an important factor and a good indicator of professional ethics in a company. Does the commercial air conditioning company do what they say they will? For instance, are their technicians punctual? Do they have the necessary parts with them when they arrive to do the repair/maintenance job? Do they respond quickly to your inquiries? Does your commercial air conditioning system work optimally after it has been serviced?

  1. Hours of Operation

Some companies offer 24/7 availability, while there are others that are limited to certain days of the week. Decide which company will work for your specific situation. If you need early morning, evening, or weekend service, make sure that the air conditioning company you choose offers this. A reliable commercial air conditioning company will provide 24/7 availability as well as emergency servicing. Such companies also mention typical wait times for an installation/repair appointment. Finding a commercial air conditioning company with these traits will enable a successful business relationship with the company and a great air conditioning system.

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