Reduce the Electric Bills at Your Company by 10-20% with These 4 Air Conditioning Tips
21 Aug

Reduce the Electric Bills at Your Company by 10-20% with These 4 Air Conditioning Tips

Reduce the Electric Bills at Your Company by 10-20% with These 4 Air Conditioning TipsCommercial property owners that make the effort to reduce their energy consumption are rewarded with lower energy bills.

This should give businesses all the incentive they need to take necessary steps to reduce their overall energy consumption – and that’s before you consider the various other benefits to be gained from lower energy consumption.

One key advantage of lowering your energy consumption is that commercial equipment tends to last longer. Also, because your business is making a conscious effort to lower energy consumption, your public perception is much more positive.

Commercial air conditioning systems are perhaps the best place to start when looking to reduce electric bills at your company. Just a few changes in how you manage the system can see your energy bills drop by anywhere from 10-20%!

Here are 4 air conditioning tips to help lower electric bills at your company:

Programable Thermostat

If your company doesn’t already have a programable thermostat installed, then now is the time to do so! These affordable devices allow you to program the energy use of the air conditioning to suit your business, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and minimum wastage.

You can better manage how much energy your air conditioning system uses by programming it to the exact requirements of the business. For instance, you can set automatic start and stop times to reduce energy use, while some newer thermostats even adjust automatically to your work schedule!

Smart thermostats are especially useful for this, as they can be controlled remotely using smart devices, allowing for even more efficient management of your air conditioning systems.

Get Air Conditioning Systems Serviced

It’s always recommended to get commercial air conditioning systems regularly serviced. This helps ensure the system is working without any problems and gives the opportunity to conduct regular preventative maintenance, helping to avoid long-term issues developing.

Moreover, regular services make sure the system is working to maximum efficiency. A technician will clean coils, check connections, replace/clean filters, and ensure fluids are filled to the right levels.

You never know what hidden issues could be causing your air conditioning system to function less efficiently and increasing energy consumption, so always make sure you schedule regular servicing for your commercial air conditioning system.

Maintain Air Filters

While air filters can be cleaned and replaced during servicing, it’s a minor part of maintenance that you can perform yourself. Air filters need to be regularly cleaned of dust and particles to keep the system working well, otherwise dirty filters force the system to work harder and consume more energy.

Keep Everything Clean and Clear

An often-overlooked component of an AC unit is the vents and airflow. When these parts are dirty and clogged, the system is forced to work harder so will use more energy than if these parts are clean.

So, take the time to regularly clean all the ducts and airflow sections around the unit. It’s mostly common sense, checking for dust and debris and removing visible signs. Also, avoid blocking vents with other equipment or supplies, as this make impact efficiency too.

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