These 3 Things That Put the Biggest Strain on a Commercial HVAC System
05 Feb

These 3 Things That Put the Biggest Strain on a Commercial HVAC System

These 3 Things That Put the Biggest Strain on a Commercial HVAC SystemWith proper care and maintenance, a commercial HVAC system can last anywhere from 10-20 years, giving great value for money and fewer headaches over repairs and worrying about the cost of frequently replacing the system.

One of the often-overlooked aspects of commercial HVAC maintenance is understanding what might be putting a strain on the system.

Overwork the air conditioning and you won’t get anywhere near the longevity out of the system than you would with proper use, so it’s important to realize what habits could be putting too much strain on the system to the point where it’s accelerating its deterioration.

To help avoid these issues, it helps to know about the 3 things that put the biggest strain on a commercial HVAC system:

Blocked Fans Vents

Blockages are one of the leading causes of airflow problems in a commercial HVAC system. When there is poor airflow it puts greater strain on the system, overworking the air con to point where a wide range of problems can occur, including hot and cold spots, low airflow, and pressure imbalance.

Eventually, so much strain is put on the system that compressor will break, signaling the end of the air conditioner and the need for a replacement, which is a costly expense, especially if the unit isn’t that old.

To avoid this issue, be aware of furniture and other objects that could be blocking the vents and registers around the system, while also checking to make sure that they are fully opened!

Dirty Fans and Filters

Changing an air conditioner filter is one of the most important types of maintenance yet it’s one that is often forgotten about until the unit is being serviced.

Once the filter gets clogged with too much dust and debris it starts to reduce airflow, putting strain on the system as it tries to get the desired cooling. This wears down parts, reducing the overall efficiency and increasing the chance of early failure.

Similarly, fans can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris, leading to significantly decreased airflow and additional strain. This is quite common due to the fans being located outside with the condenser, where leaves and other debris can quickly build up.

Clogged Ducts

Once the HVAC filter becomes too clogged, dust will pass through and make into the other parts of the system, and this can further overwork it to the point of failure. For example, dust often builds up around the ducts when the filter is clogged, which can be further exasperated if the ducts are on the smaller side.

Because the ducts are being clogged and put under more strain than they were built to handle, cracks and splits begin developing throughout the walls of the ductwork. Damaged ducts reduce airflow, putting even more strain on the entire system.

The only way to overcome this issue is keeping on top of maintenance! Have filters regularly cleaned and replaced, while also getting the ducts regularly inspected for signs of clogging and cleaning as necessary.

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